About The Mallow Bar

I started this weblog as a way to keep up with beauty, to find out more about anti-aging for my own benefit, and to share these information relevant to the modern women of today. You see, I do not have gorgeous skin. I was pretty adventurous when I was younger and didn’t slather enough sunscreen so my face is badly pigmented. This is why I’m always on the lookout for the best beauty tips and products.

So what you’ll find on this blog are skin care tips, ingredients analysis, product reviews and wellness topics with some highlights on fashion and unique handmade accessories. I hope that through such sharings, I can accumulate some benefits for my own beauty and well-being.

But be aware that I’m not an expert on the topic of beauty and these are just based on my personal experiences and research. For more information about The Mallow Bar, you can read my FAQs.


If you are an organization with products and services targeting women, you can contact me to evaluate placing suitable advertising or product reviews on this weblog. Alternatively, you can also send me your products or press releases, but do note that The Mallow Bar reserves the option to publish them. To contact me, please email to: